@cweiske opened this Issue on October 6th 2019

With #5099 the referer spam block list has been put onto github and is downloaded autoamatically every week.

Unfortunately, the my domains get several hundreds spammy referrers that are not in the repository.
Manually adding them is very hard, and I would rather like to have a button that I can click n the referer list that either

a) puts the domain on the local referer spam list
b) automatically opens a github pull request

Together with #8404 this would solve the referer spam problem for me.

@tsteur commented on October 6th 2019 Member

Cheers for the feature suggestion 👍 I feel we had such an issue before but couldn't find it.

Putting the domaon on a local referer spam list be useful indeed. Automatically opening up a pull request may be tricky. This would still need to happen manually I suppose.

@Findus23 commented on October 7th 2019 Member
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