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Hello Matomo team,

We are currently using the feature of "Exclude querystring parameters" and that is helping to a certain extent.

However it doesn't handle the MVC based URLs like mentioned in this link -


We were able to handle them using the "setCustomURL" for the module where it is a single page based, but for the native pages, it cannot be used as we just call "trackpageview" and nothing else.

Reaching out to you to seek any thoughts on how to handle such instances.

Few additional examples:


Thanks in advance.

@tsteur commented on October 6th 2019 Member

Thanks for the feature request 👍 If you are familiar with PHP you could write a plugin that is listening to the Tracker.isExcludedVisit event. You could then get $request->getParam('url') and based on that info set $excluded = true in a custom plugin depending on the tracked URL.

The alternative be to add custom url parameters for those pages too using setCustomUrl

@siva538 commented on October 9th 2019 Contributor

@tsteur , thanks a lot for the guidance. However our requirement is not to exclude the visit altogether, but we wanted to remove the "120" and "12" (id's) from the tracking URL, for the example mentioned above. Is that possible to do so?

Thank you!

@tsteur commented on October 9th 2019 Member

@siva538 for questions please ask them in the forum: https://forum.matomo.org
You might want to ask this in the developer forum or so.

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