@EreMaijala opened this Issue on September 26th 2019

This seems related to #13800. We have a fairly large Matomo site, and PrivacyManager's deleteLogData task takes almost 4 hours to execute. This in itself is not really an issue, but at least the following query can take over 6 minutes to complete while keeping the database locked:

                    FROM piwik_log_action
               LEFT JOIN piwik_tmp_log_actions_to_keep tmp ON tmp.idaction = piwik_log_action.idaction
                   WHERE tmp.idaction IS NULL

All the while tracking and Matomo UI remain inaccessible. I've been unable to catch the tmp table in time to see how large it was when this happens.

@tsteur commented on September 26th 2019 Member

@EreMaijala i think what you refer to is actually about "deleting unused actions" which we have another issue for. I only found the duplicate issue but not the actual issue: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/13872

I'll close this for now and mark it as a duplicate

This Issue was closed on January 21st 2020
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