@mattab opened this Issue on September 12th 2019 Member

When a website doesn't yet have data tracked in Matomo, then we could try and detect whether the website is using WordPress or Wix, and then based on this information we could show a special section which links to our guides (with maybe the WP or Wix logo), in the No data has been recorded yet, get set up below screen.

The guides we would like to include:

@tsteur commented on September 12th 2019 Member

It's fine if detection works only in like 90% of the cases for example. Like to detect wordpress we can do simply a file_get_contents($websiteUrl, $timeout = 5) and then check if the output contains wp-content/ or so. Not sure if and how wix can but seems they have the word wix quite often in the HTML and eg meta attributes like wixMobileViewport, X-Wix-Meta-Site-Id, wixstatic.com urls . need to check on an actual wix site how to best detect it.

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