@halfdan opened this Issue on July 15th 2010 Member

On latest trunk I'm getting a login screen when clicking on the "Activate/Deactivate" link on any plugin. After logging in again the plugin is activated/deactivated as expected.

If this behaviour is on purpose then I think there should be a way to activate/deactivate multiple plugins at once (checkbox + "Activate/Deactivate selected")

I didn't find any changes on the CorePluginAdmin plugin that could've caused this issue in the last few weeks.

@halfdan commented on July 15th 2010 Member

I'm logged in as the super user of course. Reproducable on multible machines - so browser/cache should not be involved in this.

@robocoder commented on July 15th 2010 Contributor

This is a regression from [2498].

@mattab commented on July 21st 2010 Member

(In [2604]) Fixes #1481
Admin UI pages were requiring period,date throwing an exception when not set properly as was the case after plugin disable. Made these screens not set date/period as calendar is never shown.

Refs #1490

  • Fixing loading... message for feedback form
  • Fixing style of inline help and yellow boxes in admin screens
  • Adding API to plugins not to display/disable
This Issue was closed on July 21st 2010
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