@dw opened this Issue on August 19th 2019

When navigating from all sites dashbord -> site dashboard -> click back to return to sites dashboard, Matomo has rendered a blank screen for me in Firefox, maybe for 4-5 years?

There is no error in the JS console, and the problem does not occur in Chrome.

The problem still manifests with a brand new profile (no plugins)

Is there anything I can look for?

http://k3.botanicus.net/tmp/matomo-bug.mp4 shows the bug, but you probably need VLC's "play URL" to watch it because of a funky codec used by the screencap program

@dw commented on August 19th 2019

I should mention that clicking the Matomo logo returns to the all websites dashboard just fine.

Guessing this is some kind of issue with a difference between when events are triggered in Chrome vs. Firefox or something like that

@tsteur commented on August 19th 2019 Member

I can reproduce it in Firefox. Looks like in user dashboard you need to click twice to get back to the all websites dashboard if I'm seeing this right.

@dw commented on August 19th 2019

I'll try to have a shot at fixing this myself, I bet it's something really simple

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