@Findus23 opened this Issue on August 18th 2019 Member

I am a bit confused by the usage of shell_exec in Matomo and can't find any docs for it.

  • https://matomo.org/docs/requirements/ doesn't mention that it is required
  • In the few places I checked there is often a if (!function_exists('shell_exec')) { indicating that is only recommended, but not required
  • There are no docs explaining what Matomo needs shell_exec for (or even what it is and how to enable it)
  • The system check is called RecommendedFunctionsCheck indicating that it isn't required
  • but the warning it gives is You need to enable this built-in function. and Sie m├╝ssen diese eingebaute Funktion aktivieren indicating that it is required.

Can someone who knows the background help clarifying all docs?

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