@bigretromike opened this Issue on August 14th 2019

I started to using (want to) http api trackers of events.
I added &bots=1 to url as mention in FAQ
The logs are archived by processes thru cron task

5 * * * * web /usr/bin/php7.3 /var/www/console core:archive --url=https://matomo.url/ > /var/www/logs/archive.log

I'm sending those parameters:
https://matomo.url/piwik.php? (also tried matomo.php even when it wasn't mention in docs online)
idsite, rec, action_name, _id, rand, apiv, e_c, e_a, e_n, e_v, bots, send_image, url, h, m, s, lang
I even tried adding ua because this would be executed inside script, that didn't help

Is this some kind of bug? or maybe im missing something ?

@bigretromike commented on August 15th 2019

Resolved, looks like there was issue with configuration and the docs wasn't as clear.
By using [Tracking] debug = 1 I pin point the issue to be invalid URL, and end up finding this: https://matomo.org/faq/how-to/faq_21077/

Currently I see action in live logs but not on Actions tab, but thats not related to this issue.

This Issue was closed on August 15th 2019
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