@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on July 13th 2010

I am tracking actions from a flash application, so I use piwikTracker.setDocumentTitle().
To create an arborescent structure, I add slashes to the title.
The data are well collected but the widget to view it is completely in panic :

  • lot of loading errors => have to refresh the webpage
  • truncated categories have no icon "+" & "-" so i can open it but cannot close it
  • sometimes, when I open/close a category, it open/close an other category too.

THIS IS THE MAIN FEATURE OF PIWIK, so I cannot show it to my client.

@mattab commented on July 13th 2010 Member

I have seen this issue before. Can you put screenshots up please?

did you notice the issue when the children table has many rows, or also on smaller data sets?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on July 14th 2010

Hello !

For the loading errors, it happens with a small dataset and a tree of depth 3 or 4. For the "+"/"-" problem, it happens every time a string is truncated. For the problem of random open/close, it happens in a tree of 3/4/5 depth, and when some titles are similar, ex :

fr > category > ma categorie
gb > category > my category
When I click on the second "category", it sometimes open the fr>category too. Problems happens when I open/close a lot of time, like in a real consult, I have not see this problem when I was testing by clicking just 3 or 4 times.

Sorry for the screenshot, I'am not at the office.
And sorry for my english ;-)

@mattab commented on July 22nd 2010 Member

So there are two different bugs, is it correct?

  • expanding/collapsing icon missing: happens when a string is truncated inside the tree
  • open a category opens another category of the same name when it should only open the clicked category
@anonymous-matomo-user commented on July 23rd 2010

Yes : 2 bugs.
More precisions :

First bug : the fact that the "-" icon is missing render impossible to minimize the category
Second bug : not clearly identified, but it seems to be that.

Thanks for your attention.

@mattab commented on July 29th 2010 Member

Do you still experience the issue in 0.7?

@robocoder commented on September 1st 2010 Contributor

The string truncation may not be html-aware...could it be truncating an html-entity?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 2nd 2010

Now, in piwik 1.0, strings can be longer before being truncated, but the table width is expended... So in the homepage (dashboard) we cannot read the number of view (overflow...)

@mattab commented on January 16th 2011 Member

bebz, would you be able to test using trunk on a fresh Piwik install (do not upgrade your production piwik) ? I've made some changes in the code, which might help this bug

@mattab commented on December 24th 2011 Member

See #2724

This Issue was closed on December 24th 2011
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