@Natgho opened this Issue on August 6th 2019

When user logged in my website, I use to "setUser" command for matomo. also can I add User avatar?

@Findus23 commented on August 6th 2019 Member

This sounds like #6936.

The plugin that supports this hasn't been updated in 5 years, but if you could update it to work in the latest Matomo version, you could step up as a new maintainer:
The documentation for the Matomo API is here: https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/events#livegetextravisitordetails

@Natgho commented on August 6th 2019

Thank you for your answer.
I saw this method during research. I want to use with more basically (like setUserId), for example;
_paq.push("setUserAvatar", userImage)

do you have any plans for such a development?

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