@Tennyleaz opened this Issue on August 5th 2019

I am using GeoIP 2 (PHP) database in matomo.
The Singapore flag is shown in countries view, but not shown in cities view.

Matomo 3.11.0
PHP 7.2.19

@sgiehl commented on August 5th 2019 Member

I'm able to see the same on our demo. Will check that...

@mattab commented on September 26th 2019 Member

re-opening as it seems not fixed, eg. seen today running latest 3.12.0-b4, there is no flag for Singapore:
Screenshot from 2019-09-26 13-14-38

@sgiehl commented on September 28th 2019 Member

@mattab I'm only seeing that on the demo site. Might it be possible that only a City is set for those visitors but no country?

@diosmosis commented on September 28th 2019 Member

It might be that the data on the demo proxy was archived before the fix for this was merged and pushed onto cloud.

This Issue was closed on August 15th 2019
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