@tsteur opened this Pull Request on July 31st 2019 Member

In https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/14051 we started supporting multiple plugin paths.

There we already rewrite the path to the JS and CSS assets and load them from a different path. But it looks for some reason that a directive templateUrl is not loaded correctly when the plugin is located in a different path. It's still trying to load the template file eg from $matomoUrl/matomo/plugins/PluginName/angularjs/widgetname/widgetname.html when instead it should be maybe loaded from $matomoUrl/matomo/../extensions/PluginName/angularjs/widgetname/widgetname.html

@nabiltntn commented on August 23rd 2019 Contributor

I am not sure if it's related but I am trying to use custom plugins folder for some of premium plugins like ABTesting, or SessionsRecording,

When Selecting them from the left menu, nothing is displayed in the main content ( no errors in browser's console / network )

Capture d’écran 2019-08-23 à 16 43 48

For ABTesting plugin, the following files are 404, i guess because it's not not taking in account custom folders relative path:

  • $matomohost/plugins/AbTesting/libs/abtestingicons/fonts/abtestingicons.ttf?5qxh2m
  • $matomohost/plugins/AbTesting/libs/abtestingicons/fonts/abtestingicons.woff?5qxh2m


@tsteur commented on August 23rd 2019 Member

Yes it's related to that. Feel free to give the patch a try and let me know if it works 👍

@nabiltntn commented on August 26th 2019 Contributor

Unfortunately, i am on a Docker environnement right now, so i will wait for the official 3.12.0 image to test if this PR will be included in.


This Pull Request was closed on September 22nd 2019
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