@Solfire opened this Pull Request on November 13th 2013

This update provides detecting TVs with the DevicesDetection plugin based on the UserAgent.

  • Adding most common TV brands
  • Adding icons for new added TV brands
  • Adding ANTGalio Browser and ANT Browser familiy
  • Adding Opera Next Browser (Blink Engine)
  • Adding televisionRegexesFile
  • Adding getTelevisionRegexes()
  • Adding parseTelevision()
  • Adding isTelevision()
  • Adding televisions.yml with TV regexes
  • Modify parse()
  • Modify parseBrand()
  • Modify parseModel()
  • Update userAgentParserEnhancedFixtures
  • Update some brand icons

Testet with several devices (see picture attached):


@mattab commented on November 15th 2013 Member

Thank you for the pull request!

I don't see the travis icon for the build, not sure why it is not shown here... It would be useful to see the travis status for your change to check tests pass.

it says "We can’t automatically merge this pull request.". Would you mind merging master in this pull request so it is mergeable?

@Solfire commented on November 15th 2013

I think the problem is that there are changes in the piwik master and my branch master that are going into different directions. The Content of some files are different between the piwik master and my branch, so git doesn't know how to merge this together.

I need to merge the latest changes of the master into my branch. But i didn't know how to do it.

@Solfire commented on November 15th 2013

If you revert your changes for the panasonic.ico, samsung.ico and panasonic.ico it will work perfect. thanks

This Pull Request was closed on November 22nd 2013
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