@Laul0 opened this Issue on July 10th 2019


Sometimes (twice today), when I'm going to my Dashboard site, all of widgets are duplicated in the dashboard like illustrated in this picture:

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 11 38 23

Current behavior

  • Today, at the first connection I met this bug
  • More generaly, I'm meting this bug when I'm browser through several page of Matomo and I come back to the dashboard site
  • I have to remove manually the duplicate widgets

This behavior occur randomly.

@tsteur commented on July 14th 2019 Member

@Laul0 are you using the latest Matomo version? Any third party plugins?

We might need access to this instance to quickly check if that's possible? We can't reproduce this issue here and have never seen it.

@Laul0 commented on July 14th 2019

Hi @tsteur

Here, all informations about my installation:


Version: 3.10.0

(I already met this behaviour with the previous version of Matomo.

Installed and active Plugins

  • Actions (core)
  • Annotations (core)
  • Bandwidth (v3.1.1)
  • BotTracker (v1.03)
  • BulkTracking (Core)
  • Contents (Core)
  • CustomDimensions (v3.1.8)
  • CustomPiwikJs (Core)
  • CustomVariables (Core)
  • Dashboard (Core)
  • DeviceNetworkInformation (v3.0.3)
  • DevicePlugins (Core)
  • DevicesDetection (Core)
  • Diagnostics (Core)
  • Ecommerce (Core)
  • Events (Core)
  • ExampleAPI (Core)
  • ExamplePlugin (Core)
  • Feedback (Core)
  • GeoIp2 (Core)
  • Goals (Core)
  • Heartbeat (Core)
  • IceCastStatistics (v1.0.11)
  • ImageGraph (Core)
  • Insights (Core)
  • IntranetMeasurable (Core)
  • Live (Core)
  • Login (Core)
  • Marketplace (Core)
  • MobileMessaging (Core)
  • Monolog (Core)
  • MultiSites (Core)
  • Overlay (Core)
  • PrivacyManager (Core)
  • ProfessionalServices (Core)
  • ProtectTrackID (v1.0.0)
  • Referrers (Core)
  • Resolution (Core)
  • RssWidget (Core)
  • SEO (Core)
  • ScheduledReports (Core)
  • SegmentEditor (Core)
  • TagManager (Core)
  • Tour (Core)
  • Transitions (Core)
  • TwoFactorAuth (Core)
  • UserCountry (Core)
  • UserCountryMap (Core)
  • UserId (Core)
  • UserLanguage (Core)
  • VisitFrequency (Core)
  • VisitTime (Core)
  • VisitorInterest (Core)
  • VisitsSummary (Core)
  • Widgetize (Core)

Steps to reproduces

I reproduce this behavior by:

  • switch from Tag Manager to Dashboard and refresh Dashboard
  • switch from Real-Time Log to Dashboard

I didn't reproduce it today...

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