@kimoudev opened this Issue on July 10th 2019

I would like to customize a customer journey with machine learning scoring via an external API.
So, i would like to know if someone has the right schema how to get the callback from my API in order to apply the event in my TAG MANAGER.

@kimoudev commented on September 18th 2019

My final objective is to do like google list smart for a good conversion accuracy

  1. use navigation data such as position, device, browser, source URL, session duration and number of pages.
  2. already having my external Machine learning API server based on FLASK
  3. Push my machine learning API server new visitor information and store in Matomo (log_visit_predict) the scoring results plus the user's information.
  4. create a special analysis plugin for prediction data.

  5. The question is, how to include the scoring result in audience segment, or goals?
    I would be happy to receive any indications from you please.
    or simply how to obtain the result of the person's score at the TAG MANAGER level from the database (log_visit_predict) in matomo? Please.
    Thank you

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