@obendev opened this Pull Request on July 5th 2019 Contributor

That should be all.
There are still some old links in the CHANGELOG.md, but I think we shouldn't touch them, because changelog is what it is, what do you think about it @tsteur ?

Do you still use jquery.truncate?
It is in the LEGALNOTICE, but I think it isn't used anymore (not sure).

@tsteur commented on July 6th 2019 Member

The file for jquery truncate is still in the filesystem but I think it looks it's not used anymore.

@tsteur commented on July 6th 2019 Member

CHANGELOG.md we could certainly fix links as well.

@obendev commented on July 6th 2019 Contributor

Okay, I will change them later as well. 😊
Than there shouldn't be any old GitHub links anymore.

This Pull Request was closed on July 6th 2019
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