@VincentCouzij opened this Issue on July 4th 2019


The update message in the Matomo admin creates a large empty space and pushes all the widgets down. Example: https://imgur.com/a/tSfZyyf

@tsteur commented on July 4th 2019 Member

Can't reproduce this here. Maybe doesn't happen with Matomo 3.10 anymore? Are you using any 3rd party plugins (plugins neither from Matomo nor InnoCraft (premium features))?

@VincentCouzij commented on July 4th 2019

The only plugin we are using is QueuedTracking. I am planning to update our install to 3.10 but I won't be able to check if it is fixed until a new version is released. If I look at the html the secondNavBar is wrapped in <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://builds.matomo.org/piwik-3.10.0.zip">

If I remove the wrapping rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://builds.matomo.org/piwik-3.10.0.zip">... </a> the page displays like normal

@tsteur commented on July 18th 2019 Member

@mattab you moved this into 3.11. Can you reproduce this? I can't... neither Chrome nor Firefox.

@VincentCouzij which browser is that?

@VincentCouzij commented on July 18th 2019

That is the newest version of Chrome on macOS 10.14.5 But I get this on every browser I try (Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

@tsteur commented on July 18th 2019 Member

@VincentCouzij was testing this under latest macOS as well. Can't reproduce unfortunately. If someone else can, that be great to know.

@mattab commented on August 9th 2019 Member

Thanks for reporting this issue.
Unfortunately we're unable to reproduce the problem.
If anyone is reading this and has seen this behaviour, please leave a comment and a screenshot (and ideally how you managed to reproduce).
If we don't hear more about this issue, we will close it later. Thanks!

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