@wvdvegt opened this Issue on July 2nd 2019

I've updated my website with the tracking code suggested by Matomo 3.10.0.

It works for Chrome (i see the real-time logging change) and for the Edge beta which uses the Chrome engine.

However using Edge it totally fails to generate any logging. Using Fiddler i see Edge retrieving a age 'matomo.php?action_name= etc.) and get a 1x1 pixel returned. So it should be working yet the hit do not show up in Matomo.

@Findus23 commented on July 2nd 2019 Member

Can you make sure you don't have DoNotTrack enabled?

You could also enable https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/tracking-api#debugging-the-tracker which makes the request return a verbose log instead of the pixel.

In general the forum is more useful for general troubleshooting and we try to limit the issue tracker to confirmed bugs that can be reproduced.

@wvdvegt commented on July 2nd 2019

Thx, indeed a donottrack header.

Nice debugging feature btw

This Issue was closed on July 2nd 2019
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