@JackNUMBER opened this Pull Request on July 2nd 2019

Fix #14607

Fix many punctuation or typing mistakes in french translation files.

Rules :

  • a space before and after these mark : ! ?
    I use this regex ((?=\S)[^\"|http|https])([?!:])
  • accent on capital letters Étape Êtes
  • a dash in many time for second-person Assurez-vous Êtes-vous

I hope this kind a of edit can help.

@Findus23 commented on July 2nd 2019 Member

Thanks for your PR. Unfortunately we can't merge PRs for translation files. Our translations are managed using transifex. Please get an account there in order to help us to improve the translations.


@JackNUMBER commented on July 2nd 2019

@Findus23 I will not reproduce all these update in GUI, I use sed and grep to do it. It take some time for nothing, meh.

@bperel commented on July 2nd 2019

@JackNUMBER In Transifex, you can download the translation file, then do your changes using grep and sed, then upload the file containing your fixes :

@sgiehl commented on July 2nd 2019 Member

@JackNUMBER would be awesome if you could do that on transifex as described by @bperel
I don't want to uploaded your changed files from the PR, as they might be outdated compared to those on transifex.

@JackNUMBER commented on July 3rd 2019

@sgiehl @bperel Ok, let's try the JSON export, I'll try to do it faster this time and avoid to do it by hand as possible. I asked to join the translation team on Transiflex. No guarantee.

@JackNUMBER commented on July 6th 2019

@sgiehl @bperel Done on Transifex.
The download of the 73 ressources was easy with a crawl but the upload was a pain and time consuming. There is a transifex CLI but it definitely doesn't work has expected. 😭

@sgiehl commented on July 7th 2019 Member

@JackNUMBER thanks, I will sync the update to github the coming days...

This Pull Request was closed on July 2nd 2019
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