@IIIEII opened this Issue on June 28th 2019

In piwik.js:
setUpHeartBeat() attaches to 'focus' and 'blur' window events without capture:

addEventListener(windowAlias, 'focus', heartBeatOnFocus);
addEventListener(windowAlias, 'blur', heartBeatOnBlur);

But disableHeartBeatTimer() removes those events with capture (third parameter):

windowAlias.removeEventListener('focus', heartBeatOnFocus, true);
windowAlias.removeEventListener('blur', heartBeatOnBlur, true);

So event listeners are not really removed and script continue to send ping requests.

@tsteur commented on June 28th 2019 Member

Thanks, that should be an easy fix.

This Issue was closed on August 1st 2019
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