@nabiltntn opened this Issue on June 17th 2019 Contributor

The new feature allowing different folders for plugins using the MATOMO_PLUGIN_DIRS env is great.

But is it possible to copy downloaded plugins from Marketplace UI also into declared directories in addition to Matomo /plugins folder.

Download logic copies extracted .zip file to '/plugins' folder and it's not using new getPluginsDirectories function





The goal is to easily "track" all the added/deleted plugins so creating new Matomo deployment becomes much easier.

This is useful with Kubernetes because i can define MATOMO_PLUGIN_DIRS folder to point to a Persistent Volume path shared between many PODs

@tsteur commented on June 18th 2019 Member

That would be a new feature. Cause you can configure multiple plugin directories, we wouldn't know where to copy it. We would need a setting for the plugin to be copied somewhere else. Feel free to create a PR for this.

This Issue was closed on July 5th 2019
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