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This page has never been changed to the "new look".

Looks now like this:

compared to before:
nodatapage_current (1)

There were a few problems with the old page:

  • Didn't look very inviting and bit unstructured
  • The "ignore this message" button was shown first and probably often people would just click this button and ignore the rest but actually we want people to set up tracking and make sure they continue looking at the content. That's why I rather moved this button now towards the end of the page.
  • The page said " no data..." but didn't really suggest a solution. The "Tracking code for XYZ" under the "ignore this message" button didn't really look too much related and it wasn't really clear the user needs to do any of these things
  • HTTP API was missing

We also need to make sure to add a button to send all these instructions to a developer see https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/12630 I will schedule this issue as it's important people can easily forward this information.

Should we maybe swap "Integrations" and "JavaScript tracking code"? Not sure.

Could also change "No data has been recorded yet" to something like "No data has been recorded yet - You're only one step away from ..." eg "from getting a 360 degree of your visitors" or something (would more apply to cloud/premium features though, would need a different "from ..." message).

I suppose we don't need to mention the image tracking pixel?

In integrations section we could later directly link to some new user guides for wordpress, etc.

Be good if this could make it into 3.10 but all good if not. We could also apply the patch later.

ping @mattab

@mattab commented on June 17th 2019 Member

Looks good! small tweaks that have impact :+1:

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