@hbwslVaibhav opened this Issue on May 24th 2019

ErrorException: Array to string conversion

File "core/DataTable/Renderer/Console.php", line 152, in handleError

$output .= $prefix . $prefix . "$name => $value";

File "core/DataTable/Renderer/Console.php", line 152, in renderTable

$output .= $prefix . $prefix . "$name => $value";

File "core/DataTable/Renderer/Console.php", line 59, in renderDataTableMap

$output .= $prefix . $this->renderTable($table, $prefix . '      ');

File "core/DataTable/Renderer/Console.php", line 81, in renderTable

return $this->renderDataTableMap($table, $prefix);

File "core/DataTable/Renderer/Console.php", line 33, in render

return $this->renderTable($this->table);


@tsteur commented on May 28th 2019 Member

When does this happen? What's the URL you request?

@zeeZ commented on August 13th 2019

I've seen this error in Matomo 3.11.0 on the CoreAdminHome page. The message popped up three times at the top and disappeared after a refresh. Only happened once so far. Sadly no error logs or reproduction.

@tsteur commented on August 13th 2019 Member

The issue likely occurs before you go to the admin. We don't be really possible to identify the issue until we have a proper way of reproducing it unfortunately.

This Issue was closed on August 13th 2019
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