@James-Oakley opened this Issue on May 9th 2019

I started encountering problems where the console core:archive cron job was failing to run. The curl calls that are spawned were failing with 302 forbidden.

I don't have root access to the server my installation runs on, so I asked my hosting provider to check the mod_security logs. They found that a WAF rule was being tripped because the calling IP was showing as, and they were blocking requests from there to prevent IP-spoofing abuse.

I've not been able to learn my way around Matomo's source code, so I thought I'd report it here for others to comment: Surely, a localhost originating curl call should come through from Is this something Matomo manually overrides, or if not where does it come from?


@tsteur commented on May 9th 2019 Member

@James-Oakley we generally don't answer questions in the issue tracker, especially when they are related to server configuration etc. I recommend you ask this question in the forum https://forum.matomo.org or get in touch with support: https://matomo.org/support-plans/

AFAIK we don't overwrite anything here and just issue regular requests.

This Issue was closed on May 9th 2019
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