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When cross domain linking is being used, and tracked cross domain URL contains an anchor (#), an additional question mark (?) / ampersand (&) symbol is appended to the end of the destination URL.

This creates an invalid link, causing the anchor to fail, and can potentially cause the link to be processed incorrectly by the destination web server.


This change is included in the pull request, as well as minifying the changed js using YUICompressor 2.4.8. as per the instructions contained within the ReadMe. (Please note, this was performed on Mac OSX not Linux)

@tsteur commented on May 1st 2019 Member

Looks good to merge but need to find time to merge as we need to update the piwik.js/matomo.js later as it currently fails due to some line break (https://travis-ci.org/matomo-org/matomo/jobs/526012825#L966) ... happens when generating the minified version eg on Mac compared to Linux. Bit annoying and need to tweak the test at some point to ignore this line break at the end.

@mattab commented on June 29th 2019 Member

Thank you for the report & the detailed PR @danlance - Appreciated! :+1:

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