@mattab opened this Issue on April 24th 2019 Member

Under an evolution graph, the "Rows to display" value is not saved and restored on subsequent view of this evolution graph.

"Rows to display" is the feature letting us change

  1. how many rows are displayed in a table report,
  2. how many visits are displayed in the visits log,
  3. how many days are shown in evolution graphs

This feature is very useful and the selected value is expected to be remembered & persisted on subsequent views of this particular data set.

  • Got: 1. and 2. are correctly saved and restored in the view for this user, but 3. is not saved and restored.
  • Expected 3. to also persist as a user preference

Note: The value should be recorded for the particular evolution graph and affect only this graph. In the case of Goal evolution graphs, the same "Rows to display" value should be used on all Goal Evolution graphs (independantly of idgoal).

refs #5386

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