@DevelopmentEAP opened this Issue on April 23rd 2019


there is a bug while order page titles by pageviews. Order is not correct.


  1. Open Matomo
  2. Choose Website
  3. Behaviour
  4. Pagetitles
  5. Select Pageviews to order
@tsteur commented on April 23rd 2019 Member

Works nicely here. Are you using the latest version of Matomo?

@DevelopmentEAP commented on April 24th 2019

Yes, I'm using Matomo 3.9.1
I've added 2 screenshots.

This failure does appear by choosing year or date range as period.


@tsteur commented on April 24th 2019 Member

Still can't reproduce this. Must be some locale issue. Maybe @diosmosis or @sgiehl have some ideas what to look for.

@mattab commented on January 21st 2020 Member

@DevelopmentEAP Are you still having this issue in Matomo 3.13.1? Are you able to reproduce on the demo?

btw: i've seen this issue before where it was actually sorting by "Unique pageviews" while the UI didn't show the "Unique Pageview" metric and only showed the "Pageviews" metric. I think it was due to wrong "personal settings" stored, and once cleared with: https://matomo.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_21433/ then it worked fine

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