@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on April 23rd 2019 Member

Fixes #5711

Still a WIP

@diosmosis commented on April 27th 2019 Member

FYI @mattab / @tsteur ready for an initial UX review. Comparisons should be integrated in the following ways:

-> html table (including actions table + support for subtables)
-> evolution graphs
-> bar graphs
(not pie graphs, since it's not possible to show multiple serieses)
(not sparklines since we'd have to color code different comparisons, which would be confusing w/ evolution graphs since they have their own colors)
-> row evolution/overlay/transitions/segmented visitor log (they display on comparison rows and parameters should change appropriate for the specific compared period/segment)
NOTE: there is one issue here when the table is too big. When there are too many rows, maxNumRowsToHandleEvents blocks row actions from displaying. Since comparing multiplies the amount of rows, it can happen often.

Remaining todo:

  • [ ] see if we can eliminate need for maxNumRowsToHandleEvents
  • [ ] fix random UI issues (eg, normal subtables have a huge label column)
  • [ ] UI tests
  • [ ] other in source todo
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