@JeyakumarThangaraj opened this Issue on April 1st 2019

Dear Team,

I am getting below error while do database setup.
"Error while trying to connect to the database server: Server sent charset unknown to the client. Please, report to the developers". We cant change utf8mp4 charset to utf8 in MySql server since it is used by some other application. Kindly advise what else we can do to fix this issue.

Php Version : 5.5.38
CentOS 7


Thanks & Regards,

@Findus23 commented on April 1st 2019 Member


I think you can change MySQL charsets per database or even per table, so as long as your server supports both, you should be fine.

@JeyakumarThangaraj commented on April 2nd 2019

Hi Findus,

Getting same error even after changing default charset to utf8. Kindly advise


@JeyakumarThangaraj commented on April 3rd 2019

Dear Team,

Kindly advise.

@Findus23 commented on April 3rd 2019 Member

Have you taken a look how you can make the client (so your PHP setup) accept the charset?

e.g. try out https://stackoverflow.com/a/43442839/4398037

@tsteur commented on April 3rd 2019 Member

@Findus23 @JeyakumarThangaraj does it maybe make sense to continue this conversation in the forums? More people might have an eye on this question there and we're trying to keep the issue tracker clean from questions etc as it's otherwise not possible to manage all the issues. Or we could close the issue and you continue discussing it here? We can also keep it open but I doubt it is an issue in Matomo.

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