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The (HTML) body of the email contains URL that I need to copy and paste in my browser's URL field :

Extract (in french, here GitHub auto-links URLs) :


Il y a une nouvelle mise à jour de Matomo disponible

Vous pouvez mettre à jour vers la version 3.9.1 automatiquement ou télécharger l'archive et l'installer manuellement :

Voir les changements pour cette version :

<a> have they been forgotten ?

@mattab commented on January 21st 2020 Member

Hi @agilare - the link should be there in the email, see the code at https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/blob/f856128c5a4969429ed2ba035d48bb451b2e0340/plugins/CoreUpdater/templates/_updateCommunicationEmail.twig#L13

Please reopen if you still have the issue?

@agilare commented on January 22nd 2020

It's almost right, it just remains one URL not linked, the superuser Matomo installation sentence in <p>{{ 'CoreUpdater_ReceiveEmailBecauseIsSuperUser'|translate(host) }}</p>

This Issue was closed on January 21st 2020
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