@dev-101 opened this Issue on March 19th 2019

I like the new icons in 3.9.0, however, they are:

1) Visually smaller. Native size is 24x24 px (same as old ones in 3.8.9) and they are down-scaled to 16x16 px. This means this was probably an after-thought change.

2) They are so low in contrast. Please don't go with low-contrast scheme everyone think it's cool nowadays. It is not. Can you, at least, make them a bit darker? e.g. from current <a href='/999'>#999</a> to <a href='/555'>#555</a> or at least <a href='/777'>#777</a>.


Piwik-Matomo Visits-In-Real-Time 389

Piwik-Matomo Visits-In-Real-Time 390

@chron0 commented on March 20th 2019


Why dropping icon colors?
The floating behavior only occurs on large resolution tho, on smaller screen size, the icons get their own row as they used to.

@chris246 commented on March 21st 2019

Alternatively to grey, the icons could use the primary blue color of the UI.
Just a suggestion

@tsteur commented on March 21st 2019 Member

Alternatively to grey, the icons could use the primary blue color of the UI.

that could be quite nice 👍

@mskala commented on March 21st 2019

Although this might be complicated to configure, I wish that I could set up different colours or different icons for specific pages and directories. Then I could get an idea of the visitor's usage pattern at a glance. It'd be better than the old scheme of rainbow colours which conveyed almost no information, but also better than the new one of all the same colour stil conveying no information.

@tsteur commented on March 21st 2019 Member
@dev-101 commented on March 21st 2019

Hmm, some nice ideas here 👍

Although, not sure how this could be applied, without using some ML algorithm to extract meaningful keywords from URL+Title, and then apply e.g. Emojis character instead of icon. Oh, this stuff is so Matomo 5.0 😄

@mskala commented on March 21st 2019

Ixnay on the machine learning. I want to configure colouring rules myself, not have the machine attempt to infer them and then me attempt to figure out what it inferred. Tsteur's plugin looks ideal. I have not tried it yet and don't know whether it will work after the recent changes.

@dev-101 commented on March 21st 2019

Not sure how practical that would be, seriously, though, as already mentioned above.
Anyway, that can be done through plugin I think, so it's a bit off-topic from this original issue :)

@dw commented on April 4th 2019

+1 it's a tiny difference but it replaces what was previously a nice vibrant UI with some mortuary-inspired cubical design. I don't like hovering over these icons any more.

The grey also makes them look like folders rather than web pages. Thanks for a great product

@ghost commented on April 11th 2019

I upgraded two installations of piwik v2 to matomo v3.9 and to my horror, I realized the icons are a dull grey :(

with piwik v2, I could watch the colourful icons go about their business and get inspired, those colourful icons making the screen a happier place. Now its all sad.

Please bring the colourful icons back.

Thank you.

@atom-box commented on February 17th 2022

I hope this is related enough to add here. A user has requested to add meaningful colors to each visitor:

"Different Color’s of bubbles on the live graphic map. Could be cool if you could set Color’s based on metrics e.g. if the visitor made a putchase, came from a specific origin etc."

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