@c-prompt opened this Issue on March 19th 2019

updating the password in the SQL table would work 👍 Otherwise only chance would be to send the admin password unfortunately.

In general it sounds like it's a problem that the password reset is not exposed through an API. Maybe create an issue for this? (although we would likely not work on this right away and would hope for some community contribution I suppose)

Originally posted by @tsteur in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/14099#issuecomment-474550637

@mikkeschiren commented on March 20th 2019

Yes, agree on that it should be in the API, I could be interested in looking into this as a contribution - as another contribution - I added the possibility to reset a users password in the plugin https://plugins.matomo.org/UserConsole#resetpassword

@Berbe commented on November 9th 2020

@mikkeschiren The UserConsole plugin seems to have vanished from the plugins marketplace?

The UX of Matomo's website is horrible: you need to append a HTTP argument to display the plugin with the right version of Matomo, ie https://plugins.matomo.org/UserConsole?matomoversion=3.

Searching for the plugin with the right version of Matomo selected in the drop-down menu:
does not yield the expected result.

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