@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on March 16th 2019 Member

Even when renaming piwik.php (or matomo.php) some adblockers still seem to block some tracking requests based on the url parameters sent with the request.

This implementation will make it possible to obfuscate all request parameters by doing a base64 on the request string.

Not sure if it might make sense to even enable that by default if it works as expected.

refs #7364, #14207

@tsteur commented on March 16th 2019 Member

wouldn't you just send it as POST maybe if someone really wanted to avoid it? Of course you can't replay maybe but would probably work otherwise. Not sure if it has high prio right now

@sgiehl commented on March 16th 2019 Member

Correct, POST would be another way to avoid a parameter blocking, but as you mentioned it wouldn't work if replaying logs is required at some point.

Actually this was just a simple idea that came up to my mind when reading some issues and forum posts. Thought it might be worth to create a simple draft for it so we can consider using it at some point if usefull...

@fdellwing commented on March 17th 2019 Contributor

I kind of like this idea. Just to be sure, it will not be .php?obfuscate=abc but .php?abc?

@kdekooter commented on March 21st 2019

Try to get rid of the .php extension as well. It is a red flag for blockers.

@tsteur commented on April 11th 2019 Member

@sgiehl I think we can maybe close the issue for now as we don't really want to work around ad blockers / privacy lists in such a way at this stage.

@negreanucalin commented on October 3rd 2019

Maybe it would be a good idea to take this POC into account and maybe define some requirements, I have made the the mentioned post above with a temporary workaround.

This Pull Request was closed on April 11th 2019
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