@mikkeschiren opened this Issue on March 10th 2019

Have not looked so deep into this - but is it possible to make transitions use archived data instead of the logs? If it it is not easily done - what is needed to change to make this possible?

@mikkeschiren commented on March 10th 2019

Use case: We have instances wit a lot of logs - and we need to clean up the logs very often, we get all the reports on archived data - but Transitions goes direct to the log tables. And after we clean up old logs, we do not get any data for Transitions.

@tsteur commented on March 10th 2019 Member

It's not really planned currently but may be good to do at some point. Especially now that the report is more exposed and could cause a lot more performance issues as it's known to be possibly slow with lots of logs.

@mikkeschiren commented on March 11th 2019

Ok, I will try to look into this in the near feature.

@mfb commented on September 11th 2019

We'd love to be able to generate Transitions reports from archived records. Our privacy policy requires that we archive/aggregate logs on a weekly basis, but we want to be able to analyze transitions from the past month or so..

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