@nyanim opened this Pull Request on February 26th 2019

fix #12426

Hi there,

For some email providers (eg. qq.com, exmail.qq.com), sending emails via smtp without providing "from address" will get the "mail from must equal authorized user" error.

2019-02-25 9 12 02

Though PR #8454 added "noreply_email_address" and "noreply_email_name" field to the config file, it placed these fields to the "General" section, instead of "mail" section, which is misleading. And it cannot be set from the General Settings page.

I moved the two options to the "mail" section of the config file, and added "SMTP from address" and "SMTP from name" to the General Settings page to enable users to configure these two fields from the Settings page.


@tsteur commented on April 11th 2019 Member

Thanks for this @nyanim 👍 very appreciated. Left a comment in the PR

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