@linoacarvalho opened this Issue on February 21st 2019

I'm not getting the information that i was expecting in "Behaviour > Engagement". I supose that this is ocurring because I'm using the python script to import the logs. This is really the expected behavior?


@linoacarvalho commented on February 22nd 2019

I found in FAQ (https://matomo.org/faq/general/faq_156/) that Reports such as “Days since last visit”, “Visits by visit count”, “Visits to Conversion”, “Days to Conversion” will count all visits without cookie similarly to new visitors. This explain the results that I'm getting.

Based on my experience with Matomo using imported logs (without cookie), I can see the information desired about each user (first visit, last visit, returning visits). This make me believe that this tracking could be implemented in future, I'm wrong? Thanks!


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