@mritzmann opened this Issue on February 21st 2019


The Insights are no longer displayed. Message: No rows match the criteria


  • To be found at Behaviour -> pages -> Switch Table to Insights
  • URL: /index.php?module=CoreHome&action=index&idSite=7&period=day&date=yesterday&updated=4#?idSite=7&period=day&date=2019-02-14&category=General_Actions&subcategory=General_Pages


The problem does not occur in the demo version.


  • Matomo Version: 3.8.1
  • PHP 5.6.40


The html alt tag says:

The following rows have a growth of at least 1% compared to Wed, Feb 13. Changes affecting less than 3 visits were ignored.

The Pages Views are different enough in my case.

Maybe the problem is already known?

@tsteur commented on February 21st 2019 Member

I tested on various instances and it works fine everywhere. Does it work for you for other day? or when comparing for other periods?

@mritzmann commented on February 25th 2019

Does it work for you for other day?

Does not work for any date.

or when comparing for other periods?

Tested previous day and same day in the previous week. Unfortunately both do not work.

Today I cloned the installation and disabled all non-core plugins. Problem exists. Maybe you have an idea how I can debug this?

@tsteur commented on February 25th 2019 Member

I've looked into the code but can't really see any reason why it shouldn't work. Is there any chance you could give us view access and email us credentials at hello at matomo.org ?

Can you otherwise maybe access your database and see if the SQL query gives you a result for your username?
select * from matomo_option where option_name like '%viewdata%actions%getpageurls%' (you may need to adjust the prefix) or maybe try another user?

@hebnony commented on March 6th 2019

I have the same problem since 1 to 3 month.
Matomo version: 3.8.1
MySQL version: 5.7.21
PHP version: 5.6.33
Under docker.

@b3wii commented on April 8th 2019

Same problem:
Matomo version: 3.9.1
MySQL version: 10.1.37
PHP version: 7.2.15

@tsteur commented on April 8th 2019 Member

To investigate the issue, someone would ideally give us access to their Matomo and server (so we can debug and find the issue).

@moedech commented on April 12th 2019

We will prepare a copy for you @tsteur and send you the login credentials

@tsteur commented on April 16th 2019 Member

Cheers. I've replied.

@tsteur commented on April 17th 2019 Member

We can reproduce the issue when selecting "all" in the filter limit

This Issue was closed on May 19th 2019
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