@fdellwing opened this Pull Request on February 18th 2019 Contributor

Fixes #13742

  • [x] Add blog or FAQ article describing the problem and this new solution
@tsteur commented on May 2nd 2019 Member

Looks good in general @fdellwing

I reckon it could be good to mention in the config comment when someone would want to adjust this and for what it is used.

@fdellwing commented on May 2nd 2019 Contributor

What do you think of? An explanation what file Matomo uses by default, where is comes from and what it does?

@tsteur commented on May 2nd 2019 Member

I reckon it be useful to know what the cert is used for, and what use case there is for someone to change it. Like we would someone ever want to change it? Could there be some simple example or so maybe?

@fdellwing commented on May 3rd 2019 Contributor

Please take a look now :)

@tsteur commented on May 5th 2019 Member

@fdellwing if you did want to write an FAQ let me know and I'm happy to publish it. Otherwise they mind find the issue and pull request here by searching on the web

@fdellwing commented on May 9th 2019 Contributor

@tsteur Is this ok for the FAQ? Should be in the troubleshooting section I guess.

I get: "curl_exec: Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized… Hostname requested was: plugins.matomo.org"

This message will appear if you use a firewall or proxy server that breaks SSL connections and reencrypts them afterwards with its own certificate. Matomo uses a cacert file extracted from the Firefox browser and is therefore unable to connect to any SSL encrypted page with your specific setup.

To solve this issue you are able to provide your own cacert file that trusts your proxies certificate. To use your own file add custom_cacert_pem = "/path/to/your/cacert.pem" to the [General] section of your config. Make sure the file is readable by your webserver.

@tsteur commented on May 9th 2019 Member
This Pull Request was closed on May 5th 2019
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