@dev-101 opened this Issue on February 17th 2019

GDPR Tool - apparently - cannot find specific user ID. I assume we can only access search results once the reports are 'archived', not before. If we try to search non-processed user ID, it will fail / return 0 results. This is still just a theory, I haven't verified this yet.

edit: self-resolved

@dev-101 commented on February 17th 2019

Hmm, searching for user ID bd1a1f7fb5547ec5 manually in entire database (as a string) returned 0 results. Not sure if the ID is coded somehow in db, maybe it is not stored as a plain string??

Is this a bug in GDPR Tools module or am I doing something wrong here? Archiving time is set to 180 seconds, report ought to be archived by now.

edit: Got it now.

I see that Visitors > User IDs report is empty, and reading this https://matomo.org/docs/user-id/ figured it's not the same as Visitor ID. It's a bit counter-intuitive at first, to be honest, because, most users of Matomo/Piwik do not actually use User IDs (I know some do, but majority does not), so, maybe, Visitor ID should be a default selection here.

closing this & will post suggestion in new issue.

This Issue was closed on February 17th 2019
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