@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on February 12th 2019 Member


  • ~add UI test~ tried to add one but realized since it opens in a new tab, it would be rather difficult w/ current UI tests...

Fixes #7215

@diosmosis commented on February 17th 2019 Member


@sgiehl commented on February 18th 2019 Member

@diosmosis actually guess it would make more sense to add title="{{ action.title }}" so the tooltip is visible correctly

@diosmosis commented on February 19th 2019 Member

@sgiehl It looks ok to me? Or do you mean visible in the code?


@sgiehl commented on February 20th 2019 Member

Hm. Works on Chrome on Linux as well. Need to check again on Windows, as it didn't work there last time...

@sgiehl commented on February 23rd 2019 Member

Tested on windows again. Seems to work now in Chrome, FF and IE. Maybe it has been some browser caching issue.

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