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I am wondering how I can re-run a monthly scheduled report, and get the previous month's data? This seems like a bug to me...

I started using Matomo in January, so I have partial data for the month. I've setup a monthly email report, and I setup a cronjob to run it at 10:00 my time (15 o'clock UTC ).

Since today is the 1st day of January...
I got the automated email report (good)
I got it at 10:00am as expected (good)
The report showed the data for January (good)
All of this worked as I would expect.

Here's what's weird to me...
I want to re-run the report. So I log into Matomo, settings, email reports, and I click "send report now".
The same report gets emailed to me right away, but it's showing data for the month of February. Since we're only 14 hours into February there's not a lot of data yet... I wanted to re-run the report, and I would have expected to see January's data, like I got in the automated email. The same data is presented when I click "download" instead of "send report now".

How come I am seeing February when I re-run manually, and is there a way to re-send the report and get the previous month's data? I don't see any option for this in the UI.

2019-02-01 14_18_59-personal email reports - administration - matomo

@tsteur commented on February 1st 2019 Member

When you click on Download, you can change the date in the URL parameter and then you should get the report you want.

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