@dev-101 opened this Issue on January 30th 2019

Ok, this is just for fun :)

Few days ago I spotted a visit from Greenland. Hooray! :)

And then I clicked on Visitors Map widget, which loaded Greenland territory, then counties/regions, cities with each new click... But, the Visitor Map widget is not the one with an issue here.

Visitors > Locations > Segments is.

There's just no way to select Greenland there, or am I wrong? 2-letters country codes in Visit Location filter doesn't contain GL ISO 3166 code. Ok, maybe because it's not technically a country, and there is a Region filter, but can you really decipher those short-codes? I can't. And, I don't see 'GL' in there, either.

Now, this part is gonna hurt, and I don't expect NLP anytime soon in Matomo, but in GA all I had to type in in 'AI' box was 'how many visitors from Greenland were in the past 365 days' and ... I got the answer.

Any chance we can expect this to be improved a little? 2-letter country codes are great, but why not include full country name next to it? And so on.


@dev-101 commented on February 4th 2019

Ok, found the way:

Visitors > Locations > Country widget (table)

does include Greenland as a listed country.

However, I'll leave this issue open until I figure out segments filter or it gets improved.

@tsteur commented on February 4th 2019 Member

I haven't tested but gl should work? seeing visitors for us re gl


In the list of countries, just as with any other country, I think we only show like top 20 or top 50 which is why it might not be shown.

@dev-101 commented on February 4th 2019

Nope, "GL" in Country filter does not work, I have already tried (and confirmed again just moments ago to be sure), returns 0 results (but should be 4).

edit: also tried "gl" (lowercase version, although this should be case insensitive condition)

@tsteur commented on February 4th 2019 Member

It definitely works here. Checked the visitor log... with &segment=countryCode%3D%3Dgl

@dev-101 commented on February 4th 2019

Nope, appending it in url and creating custom segment on-the-fly still returns no views.

@dev-101 commented on February 4th 2019

I think I know now why I only have report in the chart, but not in pages. The access logs were deleted as per archiving configuration, so that's why page views are showing 0.

This could be helpful message in custom reports, if no results were found:

There is no data for this report. Likely the data has been purged because the regular deletion of old raw data is enabled and the date for this report is more than 30 days old. A super user can change this setting by going to Administration => Privacy.

Thanks for trying to help me here :)

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2019 Member

@dev-101 FYI: I've added a new readable segment countryName in #13929. This will make it possible to create segments like countryName==Greenland

This Issue was closed on February 4th 2019
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