@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on January 30th 2019 Member

Simple change, jquery only.


Update view:


After update:


Fixes #10488

@sgiehl commented on February 15th 2019 Member

@diosmosis If someone has a premium plugin installed but the license is missing or expired it now shows:
Guess in this case the checkboxes for such plugins should be disabled as it would result in an error...

@diosmosis commented on February 17th 2019 Member

@sgiehl disabled the checkboxes in that case

@diosmosis commented on February 25th 2019 Member

Fixed the typo and merged w/ 3.x-dev

@sgiehl commented on March 6th 2019 Member

@diosmosis once the typo is fixed, it's good to merge

This Pull Request was closed on March 7th 2019
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