@peterbo opened this Issue on January 28th 2019 Contributor

ScheduledReports: CustomDimensions are added multiple times to the list "Statistics included" and are not uniquely check/uncheckable. Reproduced on multiple instances (version 3.6.1 and 3.8.1 with the latest version of CustomDimensions available. Both, action- and visitor dimensions are affected by this bug. They're also reported multiple times in the resulting ScheduledReports.


@tsteur commented on January 28th 2019 Member

Hi @peterbo :)

Cheers for reporting it. Released a new version of custom dimensions that should fix it. We fixed it a while ago but looks like we didn't publish a new release.

@peterbo commented on January 28th 2019 Contributor

Hey @tsteur, that was fast, thank you! :)

This Issue was closed on January 28th 2019
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