@SamuelNitsche opened this Issue on January 28th 2019

Hey, I have a really strange problem with matomo.

When I track users, every user "has" the ip address of the host which the virtual machine with matomo is running on. I really have no idea what could cause this kind of problem.

I am very confused and appreciate every kind of help.
Thank you!

@Findus23 commented on January 28th 2019 Member

This sounds as if you are running Matomo behind a reverse proxy.

See here for how to configure Matomo in that case:

@SamuelNitsche commented on January 28th 2019

I found the issue. Absolutely my bad. I added a new network interface on my host which messed up my iptables and masqueraded all ip addresses.

This Issue was closed on January 28th 2019
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