@mplabsorg opened this Issue on January 27th 2019

According to Tracking HTTP API specification

action_name (recommended) — The title of the action being tracked. It is possible to use slashes / to set one or several categories for this action. For example, Help / Feedback will create the Action Feedback in the category Help.

the setting several categorizes for actions worked well before upgrade to 3.8.
After automatic upgrade , the categories appears as one line in the reports

For example
Prior 3.8 upgrade 4 categories INSTALL/TAP/NOK/E_ENGINE_ALREADY_INSTALLED.
would appear as tree view hierarchy

Now both forms appearing in a report

  • a tree view hierarchy
  • 4 category in one line . separated by slashes ( probably new tracking reports )

(see attached picture)


Matomo version: 3.8.0
MySQL version: 5.5.56-MariaDB
PHP version: 7.0.22

@sgiehl commented on January 27th 2019 Member

Guess that's caused by #13688
Setting action_title_category_delimiter = / in your config file should fix it

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