@fdellwing opened this Pull Request on January 24th 2019 Contributor

If no background color is set, the background color is transparent. But the whole site background color is white, so if you choose white or a color that is nearly white as font color the iframe appears so be empty.

This commit implements a new function that tests if a hex color is nearly white and if yes the code will change the background color to a grey color.

Fixes #14008

@sgiehl commented on February 25th 2019 Member

Guess that makes it a bit better, but I'm not having a strong opinion on that one.
@tsteur @mattab @Findus23 Does anyone have an opinion here? Would suggest to merge it, even though there is some more space left for improvements...

@tsteur commented on February 25th 2019 Member

Not really any strong opinion

@mattab commented on February 25th 2019 Member

Thanks for the PR @fdellwing - the idea and improvement looks good to me :+1:

Would it be maybe doable to have a UI test to test for this behaviour?

@tsteur commented on February 26th 2019 Member

Maybe not needed a UI test for this?

@mattab commented on February 28th 2019 Member

a UI test is not needed

This Pull Request was closed on March 11th 2019
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