@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on January 23rd 2019 Member

This will change all metric formatting's to use the local formats of NumberFormatter.
Not yet sure if that will have any side effects besides the change of all exports.

fixes #13994

@Findus23 commented on January 24th 2019 Member

In a quick test German continues to use . as a thousand seperator and English still shows ,

@diosmosis commented on April 3rd 2019 Member

Money values are now formatted as $50 instead of $ 50. Is this intentional? I can imagine in an edge case it could be seen as a break in backwards compatibility.

@sgiehl commented on April 4th 2019 Member

kind of expected, as the formatter now uses the formats defined by CLDR. That means in some languages there will now be a space between the currency and the number in others not. Also the currency symbol is pre- or appended depending on the language.

@sgiehl commented on May 13th 2019 Member

updated the branch and all test files. should be ready for a final review and merge...

@diosmosis commented on May 13th 2019 Member

Saw one possible issue, everything else looks good.

@sgiehl commented on May 14th 2019 Member

@diosmosis that was actually a general problem with the numberformatter. Should be fixed in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/14017/commits/8a6c9502b6143dfea3cb635469962cefb654b17d

This Pull Request was closed on May 14th 2019
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