@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on January 3rd 2019 Member

Current segments for browser, os or country are only usable using the short code (e.g. FF, IE, WIN, IOS, de, fr, ...).

refs #5309
fixes #6772
refs #14053

@sgiehl commented on January 28th 2019 Member

Expected test files may need an update before merging

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2019 Member

I've updated the branch and added an additional segment for the english country name

@sgiehl commented on April 7th 2019 Member

@diosmosis browser and os names should now be compared case insensitive

@diosmosis commented on April 7th 2019 Member

I'm seeing this change in the tests:

-    <segment>countryCode==gb</segment>
+    <segment>countryName==gb</segment>

Is that correct? Reporting APIs may need to be changed possibly...

@sgiehl commented on April 9th 2019 Member

@diosmosis no, I've updated the code, so that doesn't change. Tests should also be updated now.

This Pull Request was closed on April 10th 2019
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