@cleger80 opened this Issue on December 18th 2018

Version 3.7.0

When we start “Anonymize past data” , we always stay in the "In progress" Status (even after days).
We tried manually from the Matomo backend and also with the command line.

@tsteur commented on December 18th 2018 Member

Do you get any error when you execute it on the command line? Can you paste the output here?

If your DB is very large, it could take a VERY long time for such a big date range (depending when you started tracking data and how much data is in there). Maybe check your processlist if the command is maybe still running or so? You might also need to use something like nohup to keep the command active after you log out via ssh...

@mattab commented on October 9th 2019 Member

Any update @cleger80 - do you still have an issue with the feature in Matomo?

@wlabarron commented on October 28th 2019

I'm having a similar problem. My task is stuck as "Scheduled", and I don't know what I can execute on the command line to make it start now.

@tsteur commented on October 28th 2019 Member

you could try to run ./console core:run-scheduled-tasks "Piwik\Plugins\PrivacyManager\Tasks.anonymizePastData"

@tsteur commented on November 25th 2020 Member

@wlabarron @cleger80 do you still experience this issue? Does it work when manually trigging the task as mentioned in my previous comment?

@wlabarron commented on November 29th 2020

Whoops, hadn't realised I didn't reply. If I remember right, the above command triggered the process to start and the tasks I had at the time are all marked as done now.

I've just scheduled another task to test this, so I'll check on that in a couple of days and see how it looks.

@wlabarron commented on December 1st 2020

@tsteur Looks like the task I created a couple of days ago ran by itself, without needing the command above run manually.

@tsteur commented on December 1st 2020 Member

Great, thanks for testing and confirming @wlabarron very appreciated

This Issue was closed on December 1st 2020
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